ACE3 Installation Guide

1. Overview

This guide will explain how to get ACE3 up and running.

2. Prerequisites

3. Install ACE3

  • Extract both CBA and ACE3 .zip files into your Arma 3 folder. By default it is located in:
    • 32-Bit - C:/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Arma 3/
    • 64-Bit - C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Arma 3/
  • After extraction you should have the @ace and @CBA_A3 folders inside your Arma 3 folder.

4. Install ACE3 Optional components


Skip this step if you're not using additional mods. If you are, consult with your mission maker before installing any of these components. If you are a mod creator, please visit the Modularity and PBO Structure page for more information.

4.1 What do they do?

Optional components supplement 3rd party mods with ACE3 features, for example:

  • Optional weapon components make Advanced Ballistics possible, as well as the ability to use ACE3 weapon attachments with 3rd party weapons like RHS, HLC, etc.
  • Optional tracers component brings back ACE2 ball tracers.
  • Optional server component is used to load the userconfig files.

4.2 Which optionals should I use?

Only use the optional components that correspond with your mod-pack.

4.3 How to install these components?

  • Inside your Arma 3\@ace\ folder, you’ll find the optionals and addons folders.
  • Inside the Arma 3 folder create a new folder e.g. Arma 3\@ace_optionals\ and a subfolder Arma 3\@ace_optionals\addons
  • Copy and paste the relevant .pbo and .bisign files from the Arma 3\@ace\optionals folder into the Arma 3\@ace_optionals\addons folder.

4.3.1 Alternative method to install optionals

  • Inside your Arma 3/@ace/ folder, you’ll find the optionals and addons folders.
  • Copy and paste the relevant .pbo and .bisign files from the optionals folder into the addons folder.
  • Copy and paste the userconfig folder from the optionals folder into root Arma 3 folder.

5. Launch Arma 3 with ACE3

  • Launch Arma 3 to start the official game launcher.
  • Click Mods and make sure the checkboxes next to ace and CBA_A3 are ticked. Arma 3 Vanilla Launcher
  • Click Play

6. Alternative launch methods

6.1 Swifty


  • tbd

6.2 Arma3Sync


  • Inspect Addon Options and verify the Addon Search Directories are leading to your Arma 3 folder.
  • Return to the Addons tab and click Refresh.
  • Right-click inside Addon Groups, click Create Group and give it a name.
  • Drag and drop @ace and @CBA_A3 from Available Addons into the new Group you created inside Addon Groups and make sure the checkboxes are ticked. Arma3Sync Launcher
  • Click Start Game