Added in ACEX v3.2.0

Sitting Framework

Sitting has been moved from ACE3 (in v3.8.0) to ACEX.

1. Requirements

Object must inherit from ThingX or any of its sub-classes.

Object must have Extended Event Handler (XEH) enabled (this is not the case for the majority of vanilla objects in ThingX class), configuration entry on how to do that is shown below.

2. Config Values

class CfgVehicles {
    class MyChair {
        acex_sitting_canSit = 1;  // Enable sitting
        acex_sitting_sitDirection = 180;  // Direction relative to object
        acex_sitting_sitPosition[] = {0, -0.1, -0.45};  // Position relative to object (may behave weird with certain objects)
        XEH_ENABLED;  // Enable XEH (only necessary if XEH is not yet enabled for this class or the one this inherits from)