Added in ACEX v3.3.0


1. Overview

Enable players to place down fortifications. Budget enables mission makers / admin to restrict the amount of resources available.

2. Usage

Please note that to use this function the Fortify module needs to be placed down and Fortify Tool equipped by player.

2.1 Placing fortification

  • Open self-interaction menu with Ctrl + ⊞ Win (ACE3 default).
  • Select Equipment -> Fortify.
  • Choose your fortification object and follow the instructions on the screen.

2.1 Removing fortification

  • Use interaction ⊞ Win on object.

3. Tips

  • Using Alt / Ctrl / Shift + Scroll Wheel you can rotate object on different axis.
  • You can use planks to get up on rooftops.
  • Holding Ctrl while placing allows for placing multiple objects of the same type.

4. Dependencies

acex_main, ace_interaction