Added in ACE3 v3.0.0


1. Overview

1.1 Speed limiter

Adds ability to limit the max. speed of any vehicle.

1.2 Engine start delay

The engine has to be started before the vehicle can move. Starting the engine takes aprox. 1 to 2 seconds.

1.3 Fuel capacity

The range of all vehicle gets significantly reduced to reflect ranges of their real life counterparts. Scaled down to match the relative short distances in Arma 3. A full vehicle on mission start should still most likely never need a refueling during a mission.

1.4 Main gun muzzles

APC’s and tanks now share a muzzle for all ammunition types of their main guns. This prevents an exploit that skips the reloading time of a round or clip while changing the ammunition type. Also makes it possible to switch between ammunition types using the scroll wheel like in Arma 2.

1.5 Boat machine gun tracers

NATO and AAF armed boats now use their respective tracer colours like any vehicle when they fire their rear gun. (Red for Blufor, yellow for Indep)

1.6 Improved smoke launcher of Fennek (Strider)

Reduced smoke shell count and launch angle of the AAF Fennek to match the models smoke launcher.

1.7 Stabilized optic of Fennek (Strider)

Stabilizes the commander’s view in the Fennek (Strider).

1.8 Vehicle mounted machine guns ROF

The rate of fire of vehicle mounted miniguns and machine guns is adjusted to match real life values.

1.9 120mm gun and mortar behaviour

MBT main guns and mortars can no longer lock on enemies. The AT rounds of both now have raised cost values to encourage the AI to not use those rounds against foot soldiers over their machine guns or HE rounds.

1.10 Disable automatic engine shut-off

Added in 3.13.0

Adds the ability to prevent the automatic shut-off of the engine when exiting vehicles.

2. Usage

2.1 Turning the engine on / off

  • To turn the engine on press 2.
  • To turn the engine off press 1.

2.2 Turning the speed limiter on / off

  • To turn the speed limiter on press Del.
  • To turn it off press Del again.