Added in ACE3 v3.3.0


For information on configuration see [Repair Framework](/wiki/framework/repair-framework.html)

1. Overview

Adds a more realistic repair system.

  • Replacing damaged wheels and tracks requires replacement items (using Cargo System.
  • By default vehicles will start with spare parts (1 wheel or 1 track).
  • Can repair specific hitpoints on vehicles.
  • Can designate buildings and/or vehicles as repair zones allowing the ability to do a full repair.

2. Repairing

  • Vehicle’s engine should be off
  • A ToolKit item may be required based on settings (default: not required for wheels, required for tracks or hitpoint repair)

2.1 Replacing Wheels or Tracks

  • Unload a spare wheel or track (using cargo interaction)
  • Drag the spare next to the wheel/track that needs replacing
  • Remove the damaged wheel (not needed for track repair)
  • Install new wheel or track

2.2 Repairing hitpoints

  • Amount repaired is based on settings and training level
  • Using the interaction system select the hitpoint to repair