Added in ACE3 v3.4.0


1. Overview

This adds the option to rearm vehicles. The module settings allow you to configure ACE3 Rearm for both casual gaming and simulation game modes. Both the rearm speed and the availability of ammunition supply can be configured.

2. Rearm Settings

2.1 Rearm Amount (ace_rearm_level)

2.1.1 Rearming a vehicle with setting Entire vehicle

  • Interact with the ammo truck ⊞ Win (ACE3 default key bind Interact Key).
  • Move over Rearm and a list of vehicles within 20 meters that can be rearmed will be shown.
  • Select the vehicle from the list. It takes a few seconds to rearm the vehicle.

2.1.2 Rearming a vehicle with setting Entire Magazine

  • Interact with the ammo truck ⊞ Win (ACE3 default key bind Interact Key).
  • Move over Take ammo and a list of vehicles within 20 meters that can be rearmed will be shown.
  • Select the vehicle and the magazine from the list. You will pick up an ammo box.
  • Walk to the vehicle and interact with it.
  • Select Rearm. You will rearm the magazine of the vehicle.

If a weapon carries multiple magazines of the same type, you have to repeat the procedure for every (partially) spent magazine.

2.1.3 Rearming a vehicle with setting Amount based on caliber

It’s the same process as with setting Entire Magazine, but most magazines will require several ammo boxes.

Caliber in mm 6 7 8 13 19 20 25 30 35 39 40 60 70 80 82 100 105 120 122 125 155 230 250
Number of rounds per box 500 500 400 100 50 50 40 25 34 24 10 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

The caliber of the weapon will be rounded to the nearest number and the number of rounds is calculated using the table above. To fully rearm 2000 rounds of 7.62mm machine gun, you need five ammo boxes.

2.2 Ammunition supply (ace_rearm_supply)

2.2.1 Unlimited

  • Rearm vehicle has unlimited supply

2.2.2 Limited ammo supply based on caliber

  • Supply vehicle starts with a certian number of “points” (default is 1200)
  • Resupplying vehicle will use up points based on number of rounds and caliber
  • Can check number of points left on supply vehicle
  • With 1000 points worth of ammunition supply, you can rearm four magazines of 250mm caliber (i.e. bombs) or eight magazines of 120mm caliber (i.e. tank rounds) or 125 magazines of 7.62mm caliber.

2.2.3 Specific Magazines

  • Supply vehicles start empty
  • Magazines must be added via ace_rearm_fnc_addMagazineToSupply / ace_rearm_fnc_addVehicleMagazinesToSupply
  • Can only resupply vehicles with specific magazines that have been loaded
  • Can check what magazines are loaded on supply vehicle

3. FAQ

Can I drop the ammo box?

Yes, using the action menu.

I dropped the ammo box. Can I pick it up?

Yes, using the interact menu ⊞ Win (ACE3 default key bind Interact Key).

We picked up to many ammo boxes. What shall we do?

When rearming with multiple people, you may pick up more ammo boxes than needed. You can return them using the Store ammo option. When using limited supply, returning unused ammo boxes will restore their supply.

I’m carrying something - it’s not an ammo box. What’s wrong?

Nothing. Some objects, especially missiles and bombs, have proper static 3-D models which replace the ammo box. Mod developers can use the framework to use their custom models as ammo box replacement.

Does rearm work with vehicles from mods?

Yes, if the vehicle has the correct config entries or uses inheritance from vanilla ammo. Otherwise there is a compatibility mode. Any vehicle can be turned into a supply vehicle by adding this setVariable ["ace_rearm_isSupplyVehicle", true] to it’s init box.

How do I replenish the ammunition supply on an ammo truck?

Please check the framework description for more details.

The limited supply option Only specific Magazines doesn’t work. What’s wrong?

The mission creator has to use the framework to add specific magazines to the ammo truck(s). On this setting all ammo trucks are empty by default. For more information, please check the framework description.