Added in ACE3 v3.0.0


1. Overview

1.1 Weapon Jamming

Adds a probability to jam a weapon when firing. The hotter a weapon gets, the more likely a jam is to occur.

1.2 Temperature simulation

Introduces weapon temperature simulation depending on weapon and bullet mass. Hot weapons are more prone to jamming and will have an increase in their cyclic rate of fire. Depending on weapon type the accuracy and in extreme cases the muzzle velocity might be reduced on high temperatures. Adds smoke puff and heat refraction effects to indicate this.

1.3 Cookoff

Hot weapons can also cause chambered ammunition to spontaneously ignite. The higher the temperature of the weapon the sooner a cookoff can happen. Open bolt weapons (most machineguns) cannot cookoff unless jammed. Jammed weapons will not cookoff unless the jam is a failure to fire.

1.4 Spare barrels

Adds the ability to change barrels on machine guns to compensate for those effects. When a barrel is changed, the coolest barrel available is always selected.

2. Usage

2.1 Clearing a jammed weapon

Jams can be cleared in the following ways:

  • Press SHIFT + R (ACE3 default key bind Clear jam).
  • Press self interaction Ctrl + ⊞ Win (ACE3 default key bind Self Interaction Key), select Equipment, select ‘Clear Jam’
  • Reload (setting dependant)
  • Swap barrels (setting dependant)

2.2 Swapping barrels

  • For this you need a Spare barrel and a compatible weapon.
  • Press self interaction Ctrl + ⊞ Win (ACE3 default key bind Self Interaction Key).
  • Select Equipment.
  • Select Swap barrel.

2.3 Checking your barrel temperature

  • Press self interaction Ctrl + ⊞ Win.
  • Select Equipment.
  • Select Check weapon temperature.

NOTE Each section on the bar represents 100°C. When the bar reaches 2 sections weapons can start to cookoff. When it is half full (yellow) it means the barrel is around 500°C. Your weapon will be even more prone to jams, and it’ll get worse if you don’t let the barrel cool down or swap it.

2.4 Cooling your weapon

  • Weapons and spare barrels will cool off over time, down to the ambient temperature in the mission.
  • Cooling speed of weapons in increased in windy or rainy weather, and when swimming.
  • If ACE Field Rations is loaded then weapons can be cooled with canteens, water bottles, or other beverage items. This does not require the Field Rations system to be enabled.
  • If ACE Field Rations is enabled then weapons can also be cooled with the same water sources used to refill canteens and water bottles.

2.5 Avoiding cookoffs

  • After a firefight unload closed bolt firearms (most rifles) until the barrel temperature has gone down to less than 180°C (two sections or less on the bar).
  • Clear failure to fire jams quickly