Added in ACE3 v3.12.0



Changed in 3.12.0.

1. Overview

This addon strives to simulate night vision devices more realistically.

1.1 Nightvision effects

The addon will add effects to the player’s night vision depending on ambient light and NVG configuration (mono-, bi-, quadocular).

1.2 Multiple Generation NVGs

Adds different night vision devices with varying image quality and field of view. New classnames for Generations 1, 2, and 4 NVG’s (default Arma 3 NVG’s represents Generation 3) and a wide view NVG.

1.3 Brightness adjustment

Enables the user to manually adjust NVG brightness.

2. Usage

2.1 Adjusting brightness

  • Use ALT + PageUP and ALT + PageDOWN to adjust NVG brightness (ACE3 default key bind Increase/Decrease NVG Brightness).