Added in ACE3 v3.0.0

Mk6 Mortar

1. Overview

1.1 Mk6 Mortar overhaul

ACE3 adds wind deflection for shells as well as a rangetable to accurately take out your target without the artillery computer. If ammunition handling is enabled, rounds must be loaded manually.

2. Usage

2.1 Switching charge

  • Press F (Arma 3 default key bind Fire Mode Switch) to switch between charges

2.2 Opening the table

  • Self interact Ctrl + ⊞ Win
  • Select Equipment.
  • Select Open 82mm Rangetable.

2.2 Getting your shells to land where you want.

For this you need a 82mm Rangetable, Map Tools and a Vector 21 are also recommended.

  • Get the distance and elevation difference between you and the target (you can use map tools).
  • Select the charge you want to use (0 = close / 1 = medium / 2 = far).
  • Open the 82mm Rangetable
  • Calculate the correct ELEV (elevation):
    • Open the 82mm Rangetable and click on the charge you are using.
    • Find your range under the RANGE column
    • Under the ELEV column find the number that matches your range, that’s the base elevation you are going to work with.
    • Under the D ELEV for 100m DR find the number that matches your ELEV and compensate:
      • Example, if you’re 200m above your target multiply the number by 2 and add it to your ELEV.
      • If you’re 200m below the target multiply the number by 2 and substract it to your ELEV.
      • The higher the elevation the closer to you it will land.
    • Once you finished calculating the ELEV align the barrel of the mortar with your target (directly looking at it) and set your ELEV to what you calculated by using Page Up and Page Down.
    • Once the ELEV is correctly set and the barrel is facing the right direction, shoot and enjoy your bananas while watching hell rain on your enemies.

2.3 Loading the mortar

You need the proper mortar magazines in your inventory.

  • Interact with the mortar by pressing the interaction key ⊞ Win and looking near the muzzle.
  • Select the Load Mortar action and then select the round type you want to load.
  • If you want to unload the mortar without firing, interact near the muzzle again and select Remove Round. If there isn’t space in your inventory for the round, it will be placed on the ground.

3. Dependencies

ace_csw, ace_artillerytables