Added in ACE3 v3.0.0

Medical System

1. Overview

ACE3 provides users with a more realistic medical system.

The old documentation (pre medical rewrite) can be found on github

The medical rewrite has changed the focus from “basic” or “advanced” levels to a more personally tailored method by having users configure it exactly as they want it.

1.1 Settings

1.1.1 Wounds Limping

Controls whether or not a leg wound will cause you to limp, can be set to “Disabled”, “Open Wounds” or “Limp on Open or Bandaged Wounds”. This effect will be removed upon Stitching or using a Personal Aid Kit respectively. Fractures

Fractures: Fractured limbs cause pain, increased weapon sway or inability to jog or run, can be set to “Disabled”, “Splints Fully Heal Fractures” or “Splints Heal, but Cannot Sprint”.

Fracture Chance: The probability of a fracture causing wound to actually cause one. Unconscious Wake Up Chance

Every 15 seconds during unconscious, a check is performed for stable vitals. By default this setting is set to 5% meaning that every 15 seconds there is a 5% chance a stable person will wake up from unconsciousness. Additionally Epinephrine can boost the chances of waking up by increasing the amount of checks the wake up chance does while Epinephrine is in the patients system. Fatal Damage Source

Fatal damage is now controlled by either “Large hits to vital organs”, “Sum of trauma” or “Either”. This means carefully placed shots or simply higher amounts of wounds can be fatal to players or AI. Damage Threshold

Two sliders that dictate how much damage players and ai can take before going unconscious or dying if Sum of Trauma is enabled. Set to higher values to make units stronger, lower to make them weaker.

1.1.2 AI Medic AI

Medic AI means any AI set as a Medic will actually perform medical actions on group members if they are unsuppressed or safe.

1.1.3 Blood Blood Drops

Blood drops are generated by bleeding units, this can be a good indicator for teams that somebody hasn’t noticed they are bleeding. This can be set to “Disabled”, “Only Players” or “Enabled”. Max Blood Objects

By default this setting is set to 500, ideally this number shouldn’t be set too high as excessive amounts will cause FPS drops. Blood Lifetime

Blood droplets are still classed as objects, this sets the timer at which they will be cleaned up and removed. By default this is 15 minutes.

1.1.4 Feedback Pain Effect Type

When in pain the player will recieve a visual indicator in the form of either “White Flashing”, “Pulsing Blur”, “Chromatic Abberation” or “Only high pain effect”. By default this is set to “White Flashing”. This is personal preference and only impacts individuals. Low Blood Volume Effect Type

When a player has lost a larger amount of blood they will receive a visual indicator in the form of either “Color Fading”, “Icon” or “Icon + Color Fading”. This is personal preference and only impacts individuals.

1.1.5 GUI Enable Medical Actions

Sets availability and type of medical actions through ACE interaction. Can be set to “Selections (3D)”, “Radial” or Disabled. Disabling this setting will only allow you to treat others via Medical menu. (If enabled.) Enable Medical Self Actions

Much the same as Medical Actions, This is a checkbox for Enabling/Disabling ACE self-interaction medical options. Medical Menu

Medical Menu: By default bound to “H”, it can be accessed via ACE interaction/Self interaction. Usage of this comes down to personal preference as it offers a much easier method of actively treating patients where time is of essence. It can be set to “Enabled”, “Disabled” or “Vehicles Only”.

Reopen Medical Menu: After initially treating a wound it will automatically re-open the menu so you can continue treating the patient, set by an Enabled/Disabled checkbox.

Maximum Distance: How far in meters you can be from your patient before the medical menu is unavailable or automatically closed.

1.1.6 Litter Litter Objects

Enable Litter: A checkbox for Enabling/Disabling litter creation after medical treatment.

Max Litter Objects: By default this is set to 500 and it is not recommended to increase it, high amounts of objects can cause FPS loss.

Litter Lifetime: Controls the lifetime of objects in seconds, this by default is set to 600 seconds (10 Minutes). It can be set to -1 for an infinite lifetime but this is not recommended for longer missions.

1.1.7 States Fatal Injuries

Player Fatal Injuries: This controls whether or not players will die to significant damage to the head or torso. Can be set to “Always”, “In Cardiac Arrest” or “Never”. If set to Cardiac Arrest you cannot be outright killed without first going unconscious.

AI Fatal Injuries: This works exactly the same way as for Players. Unconsciousness & Cardiac Arrest

AI Unconsciousness: An enable/disable checkbox to set whether or not AI can fall into unconsciousness through damage. If AI Fatal Injuries is set to “In Cardiac Arrest” then unconsciousness must be enabled.

Cardiac Arrest Time: By default this is set to 5 minutes, Once a patients heart has stopped this begins a 5 minute countdown. If the patient is not stabilised and revived they will die.

1.1.8 Status Bleeding, Pain and IVs

Bleeding Coefficient: Controls bleeding speeds, set higher for faster, lower for slower.

Pain Coefficient: Controls intensity of pain, set higher for stronger intensity, lower for weaker intensity.

IV Transfusion Flow Rate: By default this slider is set to 1, increasing it will increase how fast IVs run into patients and decreasing it will slow the flow rate down.

1.1.9 Treatment Diagnose, Medication and Bandages

Advanced Diagnose: Checkbox to enable “Check Pulse”, “Check Blood Pressure” and “Check Response” treatment actions, if disabled CPR will only be shown when performing CPR is necessary. This setting is imperative to determining if a patient is unconscious or in cardiac arrest.

Advanced Medication: Checkbox to enable more in-depth usage of morphine, Epinephrine and enables the use of adenosine.

Advanced Bandages: Enables treatment actions for different bandage types, can be set to “Enabled”, “Disabled” and “Enabled & Can Reopen”. To enable stitching this setting needs to be set to “Enabled & Can Reopen”.

Clear Trauma After Bandage: Checkbox to enable/disable full healing of body parts after medical attention. Medic Settings

Locations Boost Training: Checkbox to enable/disable medical facilities/vehicles boosting the level of medic, untrained becomes medic and medic becomes doctor when in the locations.

Allow Shared Equipment: Setting to control equipment shared between patient and medic. Can be set to “Patient’s Equipment First”, “Medic’s Equipment First” or “No”. By setting to Patient or Medics equipment first it controls from which inventory any medical supplies are taken from first until they run out. When setting to “No” any medic can only utilise what they have in their inventory and cannot use the patients equipment.

Convert Vanilla Items: Controls whether Vanilla items are converted to ACE medical supplies. Can be set to “Enabled”, “Disabled” or “Ignore”. By enabling this will convert First Aid Kits into a small amount of basic medical equipment, a Medikit will convert into a medium sized amount of advanced medical equipment. Using “Ignore” as the setting it will simply leave you with a First Aid Kit or Medikit.

Allow Epinephrine: This setting controls who can utilise epinephrine. Can be set to “Anyone”, “Medics” or “Doctors”.

Allow PAK: See “Allow Epinephrine”.

Allow Surgical Kit: See “Allow Epinephrine”.

Allow IV Transfusion: See “Allow Epinephrine”.

Locations Epinephrine: This setting controls where epinephrine can be utilised. Can be set to “Anywhere”, “Medical Vehicles”, “Medical Facilities”, “Vehicles & Facilities” or “Disabled”. If set to “Vehicles & Facilities” this requires that the vehicle or facility in question is set as a medical facility or vehicle.

Locations PAK: See “Locations Epinephrine”.

Locations Surgical Kit: See “Locations Epinephrine”.

Consume PAK: This setting controls if a Personal Aid Kit is consumed after a single use. By default this is set to “No”.

Consume Surgical Kit: See “Consume PAK”.

Self PAK Usage: This setting controls the ability to use a Personal Aid Kit on yourself. This is combined with the “Allow PAK” setting.

Self Stitching: See “Self PAK Usage”.

Self IV Transfusion: See “Self PAK Usage”.

Time Coefficient PAK: This setting controls how long a PAK takes to apply. Set to higher values to increase, lower to decrease. PAK has a minimum of 10 seconds usage time.

CPR Success Chance: This setting controls the chance of a successful round of CPR. By default this is set to 40%.

Holster Required: This setting controls whether or not you must first lower or holster your weapon to perform medical actions, with the exception of “Check Pulse”, “Check Blood Pressure” and “Check Response”.

2. Curated Medical Settings

These settings are curated presets for different playstyles. They are meant to be used with the user config for the CBA settings system.

Feel free to tweak the values of the settings to adjust it to your likings.

2.1 Settings for Co-Op missions

2.1.1 Preset 1

force ace_medical_fatalDamageSource = 1; // Sum of Trauma death condition
force ace_medical_AIDamageThreshold = 0.2; // Decreased AI damage threshold so AI dies in single headshot and few torso taps depending on vest
force ace_medical_playerDamageThreshold = 3.5; // Increased damage threshold for players, high caliber weapons should still be fatal
force ace_medical_bleedingCoefficient = 0.25;
force ace_medical_spontaneousWakeUpChance = 0.85; // Stabilised players will wake up fast
force ace_medical_spontaneousWakeUpEpinephrineBoost = 3;
force ace_medical_statemachine_AIUnconsciousness = true;
force ace_medical_statemachine_cardiacArrestTime = 630;

2.1.2 “Basic” Preset

force ace_medical_AIDamageThreshold = 0.2; // Decreased AI damage threshold so AI dies in single headshot and few torso taps depending on vest
force ace_medical_playerDamageThreshold = 3.5; // Increased damage threshold for players, high caliber weapons should still be fatal
force ace_medical_bleedingCoefficient = 0.25;
force ace_medical_fatalDamageSource = 1; // Sum of Trauma death condition
force ace_medical_fractures = 0; // Disabled Fractures
force ace_medical_limping = 0; // Disabled Limping
force ace_medical_statemachine_fatalInjuriesPlayer = 2; // Disabled fatal injuries by damage to head or torso
force ace_medical_treatment_advancedBandages = 0; // Disabled advanced bandages
force ace_medical_treatment_advancedDiagnose = 0; // Disabled advanced diagnose
force ace_medical_treatment_advancedMedication = false; // Disabled advanced medication

2.1.3 “Advanced” Preset

force ace_medical_fractures = 1; // Splints Fully Heal Fractures - set to "2" to keep sprinting disabled after fracture
force ace_medical_limping = 1; // Limp on Open Wounds
force ace_medical_spontaneousWakeUpChance = 0.15; // 15% chance of waking up from unconscious after stable
force ace_medical_spontaneousWakeUpEpinephrineBoost = 1; // Epinephrine boosts wake up chance
force ace_medical_statemachine_fatalInjuriesPlayer = 1; // Fatal injuries only occur in Cardiac Arrest
force ace_medical_treatment_advancedBandages = 2; // Wounds can re-open until stitched.
force ace_medical_treatment_advancedDiagnose = 1; // Enabled Advanced Diagnosis
force ace_medical_treatment_advancedMedication = true; // Enabled Advanced Medication
force ace_medical_treatment_allowSelfIV = 1; // Medics can Self-IV
force ace_medical_treatment_allowSelfPAK = 1; // Medics can Self-PAK
force ace_medical_treatment_allowSelfStitch = 1; // Medics can Self-Stitch
force ace_medical_treatment_clearTraumaAfterBandage = true; // Fully heals body part after bandage/stitch
force ace_medical_treatment_consumeSurgicalKit = 0; // Does not consume Surgical Kit
force ace_medical_treatment_cprSuccessChance = 0.4; // 40% chance of successful CPR
force ace_medical_treatment_locationEpinephrine = 0; // Epinephrine anywhere
force ace_medical_treatment_locationPAK = 3; // PAK only in Vehicles & Facilities
force ace_medical_treatment_locationSurgicalKit = 0; // Surgical Kit anywhere
force ace_medical_treatment_medicEpinephrine = 1; // Medics can use Epinephrine
force ace_medical_treatment_medicIV = 1; // Medics can give IVs
force ace_medical_treatment_medicPAK = 1; // Medics can PAK
force ace_medical_treatment_medicSurgicalKit = 1; // Medics can stitch

2.2 Settings for PvP missions

2.2.1 Preset 1

force ace_medical_fatalDamageSource = 1; // Sum of Trauma death condition
force ace_medical_feedback_painEffectType = 2; // Forced pain effect type to ensure that everyone is handicapped in the same way
force ace_medical_spontaneousWakeUpChance = 0.15; // don't let players wake up too fast
force ace_medical_statemachine_cardiacArrestTime = 300; // players should die fast once they are down and not treated
force ace_medical_treatment_allowSelfStitch = 1;
force ace_medical_treatment_clearTraumaAfterBandage = true; // to increase the flow of the PvP match (reduce limping)

more tbd