Added in ACE3 v3.0.0

Map Tools

1. Overview

1.1 Line drawing

This adds the possibility to draw accurate lines on the map screen.

1.2 Map tools

This adds map tools that can be used to measure distances between two points or bearings on the map.

1.3 GPS on map

If you are equipped with a vanilla GPS it will be shown on the map. (You don’t need the Map Tools item in your inventory for this.)

2. Usage

2.1 Using map tools

  • To use map tools the Map Tools item is required.
  • Open the map M (Arma 3 default key bind Map).
  • Press the self interaction key Ctrl + ⊞ Win (ACE3 default key bind Self Interaction Key).
  • Select Map tools.
  • Select the type of tools you want to use.
  • Note that you can drag the Roamer (map tool) around with LMB and rotate it with Ctrl + LMB.

2.2 Drawing lines

  • To draw lines the Map Tools item is required.
  • Press ALT + LMB to start the line, left click again to end it.
  • To delete a line press Del around the center of the line.
  • Note that you can change the color of the lines by clicking on one of the coloured column on top of the screen (While the map is opened).