Added in ACE3 v3.10.0


1. Overview

1.1 Guidance

Hellfire missile is a semi-active laser guided weapon. It requires an observer (either the launch platform or an external source) to provide laser designation.

1.2 Attack profiles

Missile does not need line of sight to target when fired and can Lock-On-After-Launch (can also delay lasing target). This and the attack profile used will effect missile’s flight and max altitude.

  • LOBL: Lock-On-Before-Launch, standard top attack.
  • LOAL-DIR: Missile flies with a low altitude until acquiring a laser.
  • LOAL-LOW: Missile immediately gains ~90m altitude.
  • LOAL-HI: Missile immediately gains ~300m altitude.

2. Usage

  • Switching to the hellfire weapon will show additional information about the weapon in weapon status display.
  • Shows: lock mode, laser code and a laser receiver indicator. E.G. LOAL-DIR CODE: 1111
  • Laser receiver indicator turns red when it detects a laser pulse set the the current code.
  • Cycle attack profiles with vehicle’s ACE3 Interaction Menu or with the missile guidance “Cycle Fire Mode” keybind (default: Ctrl + Tab)

3 Adding to vehicles

  • Easiest way to add is via the 1.70 Pylons system.
  • Hellfires can also be added to other vehicles via config or script.

3.1 Classnames

  • Weapon: ace_hellfire_launcher
  • Magazines: 6Rnd_ACE_Hellfire_AGM114K
  • Pylon Magazines: PylonMissile_1Rnd_ACE_Hellfire_AGM114K, PylonRack_1Rnd_ACE_Hellfire_AGM114K, PylonRack_3Rnd_ACE_Hellfire_AGM114K, PylonRack_4Rnd_ACE_Hellfire_AGM114K

3.2 Script Example

  • Adding hellfires to the Cessna Civilian Plane:
if (local this) then {
    this addWeaponTurret ["ace_hellfire_launcher", [-1]];
    this addMagazineTurret ["6Rnd_ACE_Hellfire_AGM114K", [-1]];

4 Automaticly adding a laser designator

  • Can automaticly add a laser designator if hellfire launcher is present
  • Ideal for pylon dynamic loadouts
class myChopper: HeliBase {
    ace_hellfire_addLaserDesignator = 1;

5. Dependencies

ace_interaction, ace_missileguidance