Added in ACE3 v3.3.0


1. Overview

Adds handheld flashlights that will give you the ability to read your map even in the darkest environments.

1.1 A PvP friendly item

When using those flashlights you will have a slight glow around you making this feature PvP friendly.

2. Usage

2.1 Turning the flashlights on/off

  • For this you need one of the flashlights (Fulton MX-991, Maglite XL50, KSF-1).
  • On the map screen use self interact Ctrl+⊞ Win.
  • Select Flashlights.
  • Select the flashlight you want to use.
  • Select On
  • Same process for turning it off, the option will be Off instead of On.

The flashlights states are persistent you don't need to turn the flashlight On everytime you open the map, it will stay turned on / off.