Added in ACE3 v3.5.0


1. Overview

The fast roping module adds the possibility to do fast roping insertions from helicopters.

2. Usage

If you are sitting in the back of a helicopter that has fast roping capabilities, open your interaction menu to deploy the ropes. Depending on the helicopter and its FRIES (abbr. for Fast Rope Insertion Extraction System) the deployment of the ropes is a two step process:

  1. FRIES preparation, usually consisting of opening the helicopters doors and the extension of the hooks (not necessary for some helicopters)
  2. Rope deployment

You can safely prepare the FRIES in base or during flight to speed up the insertion.

Not all helicopters are equipped with a FRIES by default and need to be synchronized with the “Equip FRIES” module in the editor. If the helicopter cannot carry a FRIES, an error message will appear.