Added in ACE3 v3.0.0


1. Overview

1.1 Advanced explosives placement

Enables more precise placement of explosives.

1.2 Numerous trigger types

Offers different trigger types, like clackers and dead man switches.

1.3 Attach explosives to vehicles

Enables attaching explosives to vehicles.

2. Usage

2.1 Placing explosives

  • Use self interaction Ctrl+⊞ Win (ACE3 default key bind Self Interaction Key).
  • Select Explosives.
  • Choose your explosive type and follow the instructions on the screen.

2.2 Arming and detonating explosives

  • Interact with the explosive ⊞ Win (ACE3 default key bind Interact Key).
  • Choose the arming method.
  • For clackers use Self Interaction ExplosivesDetonate and choose the corresponding Firing Device.

2.3 Defusing explosives

  • A Defusal Kit is required.
  • Interact with the explosive ⊞ Win.
  • Select Disarm.
  • You are safe to pick it up after the action has completed.

Tip: To increase the success rate when defusing, make sure you crawl up to the IED.

3. Dependencies