Added in ACE3 v3.0.0


1. Overview

1.1 Take captives

Introduces a captivity system.

1.2 Load and unload captives into / from vehicles

You can load and unload captives from vehicles using ACE3 interactions.

1.3 Frisk captives

You can frisk a restrained captive.

1.4 Surrendering

Allows players to surrender. It renders the unit unable to move and with the hands behind its head. When surrendered AI won’t fire.

2. Usage

2.1 Taking a unit into captivity

  • You need Cable Tie.
  • Approach the unit and Interact ⊞ win (ACE3 default).
  • The interaction is located around the hands in the form of a handcuffs icon.
  • Repeat to release.

2.2 Escorting a captive

  • Interact with the captive ⊞ win.
  • Select the Escort prisoner option.
  • To stop escorting, use the mousewheel and select Release or use Self Interaction Ctrl+⊞ win and select Release.

2.3 Loading and unloading a captive into/from a vehicle

  • Escort the captive.
  • Approach the vehicle you wish to load the captive unit into.
  • Interact with the vehicle ⊞ win and select Load captive.
  • To unload the captive interact with the vehicle ⊞ win
  • Select Passengers.
  • Select the captive.
  • Select Unload captive.