Added in ACE3 v3.0.0


1. Overview

1.1 Realistic ballistics

Changes include adjusted muzzle velocity, air friction and dispersion based on real life values.

1.2 Realistic silencers and subsonic ammunition

Silencers no longer decrease the muzzle velocity and are generally less effective when used with normal ammunition. They now only remove the muzzle blast and flash. To prevent the crack caused by supersonic projectiles, ACE3 introduces subsonic ammunition for the 7.62mm caliber. This is also fully compatible with AI.

1.3 Armor piercing ammunition

Armor piercing rounds have higher penetration values against light armored targets and other obstacles on the battlefield. Their drawback is a slightly decreased man-stopping power. AP rounds are available in multiple calibers including 5.56mm and 7.62mm.

1.4 IR-Dim tracer ammunition

IR-Dim ammunition is similar to tracer rounds, but these tracers are only visible using night vision devices.

1.5 M118 long range ammunition

The M14 EBR now uses ammunition with decreased muzzle velocity and air friction to improve precision and energy retention at long ranges.

1.6 Fully config-based

This module applies configuration changes only and does not decrease game performance.