Added in ACE3 v3.12.0

ACE Arsenal

1. Overview

1.1 Features

ACE Arsenal has a pretty large number of improvements over BI Virtual Arsenal, here is a non exhaustive list:

  • The ability to select the magazine loaded into your primary / secondary / handgun without leaving ACE Arsenal.
  • Search bars for both the left and right panels.
  • New tabs to add weapon accessories to a container.
  • A “Clear container” button to remove all items from a container.
  • Unique items support.*
  • Loadouts can be shared with other players.
  • Mission makers can save “Default loadouts” that will be available in their own tab independently from player saved loadouts.
  • A setting to disable mod icons to increase performance even further.
  • An other setting to invert horizontal camera controls.
  • Settings to disable the “Default loadouts” and “Public loadouts” tabs.
  • Custom sub item categories for misc items

* Items not currently available in ACE Arsenal but in the unit’s inventory, unique items will be omitted when loading loadouts and they can only be removed from containers.

1.2 Loadouts

Loadouts from BI Virtual Arsenal will not show up in ACE Arsenal and vice versa. Insignias, faces, and voices are NOT saved

The loadouts screen is separated into 3 tabs:

  • “My loadouts” for loadouts saved into your profile.
  • “Default loadouts” for loadouts saved in the mission.
  • “Public loadouts” for loadouts made public by other players (does not persist after the owner disconnects).

“Default loadouts” and “Public loadouts” tabs can be disabled by the mission maker.

Loadout names are unique, you cannot have two loadouts with the same name, however you are able to rename loadouts.

Saving loadouts from the default and public tabs will save them in your profile, they will show up in the “My loadouts” tab if you switch back to it.

All loadouts can be loaded, however items not available or missing, will NOT be added. This limitation applies to all tabs as well as imported loadouts.

The color coding for loadouts is as follows:

  • White: All items are available and will be loaded.
  • Grey: Some items in that loadout are not available in that box.
  • Red: Missing mods / class not defined, this takes precedence over grey if there is also unavailable items.

1.2.1 Importing loadouts from Virtual Arsenal

You can import loadouts from Virtual Arsenal into ACE Arsenal, face, voice, insignias, and items from mods that aren’t loaded won’t be ported.

  • Go in 3DEN
  • Place down a player unit
  • In the 3DEN top toolbar, click on the TOOLS tab
  • Click on Import BI VA Loadouts to Ace Arsenal

2. Shortcuts


Ctrl + V does NOT work in multiplayer due to a BI safety, however Ctrl + C does since it's using the ACE3 clipboard extension.

2.1 Outside of search bars

  • Ctrl + C: Export current loadout to clipboard.
  • Ctrl + V: Import loadout from clipboard.
  • Backspace: Hide / show the UI (does not work on loadouts screen).
  • Arrow keys can be used to naviguate the left and right panels.
  • Shift + LMB on the + or - buttons on the right panel to add or remove 5 of the selected item.
  • Ctrl + F Selects the left search bar.

Shift + arrow keys can be used to add or remove a large amount of items in a short amount of time from the right panel.

2.2 Inside of search bars

  • Search bars support copy / cut and paste (same limitations as importing apply in multiplayer).
  • Ctrl + A is supported.
  • Enter validates the search.
  • RMB clears the text field.
  • Arrow keys can be used to move the caret.
  • Ctrl + F switches which search bar is selected.