Added in ACE3 v3.0.0


1. Overview

1.1 Adjusted flight behaviour

Changes the flight behaviour of various aircraft.

1.2 Various adjustments to aircraft and gunships munitions

  • Higher capacity magazines for the Comanche.
  • Gatling rate of fire (ROF) increased.
  • AP rockets have less splash damage.

1.3 Missile lock warnings

Adds missile-lock warning systems to helicopters and planes based on the equivalent real life capabilities.

1.4 Semi-automatic flare mode

Adds the semi-automatic flare mode known from Arma 2. The key to switch modes existed in Arma 3’s key settings, but wasn’t operational until now.

1.5 Ejecting from pilot and copilot seats

Pilots and copilots of all helicopters can now eject.

1.6 Laser marker for Wildcat

Adds a laser marker to the copilot seat of the Wildcat.

2. Usage

2.1 Switching flare modes

Press Ctrl+C to switch between flare firing modes (Arma 3 default key bind countermeasure mode)