Added in ACE3 v3.0.0

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Changes to CfgAISkill were removed in ACE 3.10 (Default AI will now be more skilled)

1. Overview

1.1 Firing in burst mode

AI will now use the automatic mode of their weapons at short distances, instead of always relying on firing single shots in quick succession.

1.2 Longer engagement ranges

The maximum engagement ranges are increased: AI will fire in bursts with variable lengths on high ranges of 500 - 700 meters, depending on their weapon and optic.

1.3 No dead zones in CQB

Some weapons had minimum engagement ranges. If you were as close as 2 meters to an AAF soldier, he wouldn’t open fire, because the AI couldn’t find any valid fire mode for their weapon. ACE3 removes this behaviour mostly notable in CQB by adding a valid firing mode.

1.4 No scripting

All changes of ACE3 AI are config based to ensure full compatibility with advanced AI modifications like e.g. “ASR AI 3”.