Merging Pull Requests

This page describes the process of how we merge pull requests.

All contributors may add themselves to the AUTHORS.txt file (email address optional) if they wish.

The authors array property in config.cpp files will generally contain the original component author(s) and is otherwise reserved for individuals who have contributed significantly to a component (decided at the discretion of the ACE team). Do not add yourself without consent.

The author string property in config.cpp files will always contain the common ACE team string (ECSTRING(common,ACETeam)) to reflect component maintenance and keep things consistent.

Merge Criteria

All pull requests must receive approval from a maintainer and must pass all required continuous integration checks before they can be merged.

If the changes consist of trivial updates, such as spelling or indentation fixes:

     valueA = 12;
     valueB = 31;
-     valueC =2;
+    valueC = 2;

…then the PR can be merged right away by one of the maintainers.

Non-trivial pull requests should ideally be thouroughly reviewed by multiple maintainers or at least one maintainer highly familiar with any code modified.