Merging Pull Requests

This page describes our process of how we merge pull requests. Whereas the main question is: Who’s responsible for merging pull requests?

All authors must add themselves to the AUTHORS.txt file with a valid email address.

Changes to Existing Addons

The people responsible for merging changes to existing addons are the maintainers listed in the file of the respective addon folder.

If the changes consist of trivial updates, such as spelling or indentation fixes:

     valueA = 12;
     valueB = 31;
-     valueC =2;
+    valueC = 2;

…then the PR can be merged right away by one of the maintainers.

Non-trivial pull requests remain open for a minimum of 48 hours, to give all other contributors time to comment on potential issues, and are then merged by a maintainer, should no issues arise.

New Addons / Other Changes

If a pull request adds a new addon, or changes something else, like the README, everyone has 72 hours to comment on the changes. After that, one of the project leads will merge it.