How to Translate ACE3

This page describes in short how you can help translating ACE3 into your language.

  1. If you don’t already have a GitHub account create one at
  2. Open the ACE3 repository at
  3. Take a look at the open translation pull requests to see if someone is already translating ACE3 into your language
  4. In the top right corner press the Fork button
  5. You are being redirected to your personal fork, a version that is hosted on your GitHub account (it says “yourUsername/ACE3”)
  6. Clone that fork to your PC (There are a lot of tools and tutorials how to do this (e.g. GitHub for Windows))
  7. Download tabler and extract it somewhere
  8. Open the tabler.exe and in the menu click “File > Open language files”
  9. Point tabler to the cloned ACE3 directory
  10. Start translating
  11. When done go to the menu and click “File > Save language files”
  12. Commit your changes to your local cloned repository
  13. Sync (Push) your commit(s) to your fork
  14. Create a Pull Request for your changes

(The last three steps require some git knowledge, but there are a lot of tutorials out there) GitHub for Windows help

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